Sandbanks Jets Limited

Specialising in luxury air travel, our aim is to enhance your travel experience.  

With over 20 years industry experience we want your experience to be unforgettable.  Whether it’s a weekly business flight or you’re booking a one-off trip of a lifetime, we look forward to helping you book ‘The Ride of Your life’. 


About Us

Through our personal experience when chartering a private jet, we recognised what was missing! Even within a crowded market we knew there were areas that we could make a difference.  With this in mind we put together our principles of hard work, knowledge of the industry, and customer focused approach to business, and decided to launch Sandbanks Jets Limited.

In a rapidly growing market for private jet charter, we feel we can offer a unique and bespoke experience for our clients. We will go above and beyond to create an experience at the height of luxury and a unique service unlike anything else you’ll experience.

Lucy Redknapp | Director & Co-Founder at Sandbanks Jets Limited

Lucy Redknapp 

Lucy has worked in the aviation industry for the past 10 years as a crew safety trainer and base manager. 

She was trained by European Union Aviation Safety Agency under the Civil Aviation Authority regulations and is passionate about Aviation Safety and corporate security.   

Many of Lucy’s roles throughout her career have been customer focused.  She has strength in her ability to communicate, problem solve, empathise, listen, and build strong and long-standing relationships. 

Lucy is a busy mum of 5, loves to travel whenever and wherever possible and her favourite destination is Tavira Island on Portugal’s East Coast. 

Amanda McGivney

Amanda McGivney 

Amanda has worked for a leading airline since 1999 and as a senior crew member for 14 years. Amanda has extensive experience working with VIP and celebrity clients developing an incredible understanding of what is required to provide the highest standards of customer service. Amanda has a passion for travel and has extensive knowledge of many destinations and different cultural backgrounds.

Although her job has taken her to all corners of the globe the place she loves the most and where she spends time with her family is Barbados.

Laura Green

Laura Green  

Laura’s marketing career began as a Marketing Assistant in the computer gaming Industry, working on titles such as Tomb Raider, Player Manager and the Hitman series. She then worked her way up to Export Product Manager, looking after marketing requirements throughout Europe and USA. After several years she moved out of the games industry and began work at The ICE Agency as Marketing Director. She worked extensively on The World Travel Market exhibitions and developed long standing relationships with luxury travel providers in both the United states and Europe.  Laura has successfully run campaigns worldwide for some of the largest exhibitions and has extensive social media experience. 

Laura’s career and love of an adventure has taken her all over the world.  Los Angeles is a place she loves to visit, and it keeps pulling her back again and again.   


Alexandra Fellows

Alexandra Fellows 

Alex began her career in sales working for Living Well health clubs.  Working in one of their exclusive London clubs on Millbank, Westminster she gained invaluable experience looking after Members of Parliament and other VIPs.  She went on to work for Marriott Leisure, managing a sales team at County Hall to help generate new business.  A move to Transform Medical Group saw Alex transition into the Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology Industry where she has been for the last 15 years dealing with clients with the highest expectations and complex needs and where confidentially and rigorous standards are imperative.   

Alex’s desire to travel has taken her all over the world. Most memorably, her time spent sailing around the Caribbean.   The Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke in the BVI’s being one of her favourite places in the world. 

Sandbanks Jets Limited