Advantages of Private Jet Charter

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Advantages of Private Jet Travel

With an extensive range of luxury private aircraft we can fly you anywhere in the world.  Allowing you to travel whenever and wherever you wish.

1. Waiting Time

Your average waiting time when flying privately will be around 5-10 minutes.  You avoid the usual security queues, luggage drops and general complexities of commercial airports. Private jets will often have access to airports much closer to your final destination.

2. Schedules

It can be frustrating booking a commercial flight to work with your schedule, and quite often you will need to rearrange your plans to suit the airline. Private jet charter will allow you to control when and where you fly, right down to the time you take off. In some cases, if you’re running late you can often push the take off time back to ensure you do not miss your flight.

3. Baggage Check-in

Baggage ‘check in’, restrictions and charges with commercial airlines can be stressful. When flying privately all baggage is free and can usually be accessible throughout your flight. You will barely even notice you’ve passed through the luxurious check-in area, and before you know it you’ll be welcomed aboard your private flight.

4. Private Jet Catering

Commercial flights have improved in flight dining over the years, however, serving food on mass is difficult to accommodate everyones exact requirements. Whatever your occasion, your refreshments will be available for you to choose in advance, ensuring your dining experience is of the highest standards.

5. Privacy

Flying privately offers the ultimate privacy, not only in flight but also throughout the terminal. Private Jets avoid unwanted attention, making sure you are escorted to the plane away from other travellers, where you will be greeted by your pilot before boarding. You will be guided through your own luxury areas where your every need is catered for. Once in the sky, you will not need to worry about being disturbed or your risk of privacy being compromised.

6. Comfort

Your private jet will allow you to travel at the height of luxury, whether you’re working, socialising or wish to sleep, even the smallest jets supply comfort and entertainment. We want every part of your journey to feel special. Before you board we want your experience to be exceptional, and we pride ourselves on working alongside some of the finest FBO’s.

7. Safety

It is extremely safe to fly, however, when flying privately you have the added benefit of being able to research your pilots and crew. You can be assured they have the highest qualifications to look after you for extra peace of mind when flying.

8. Access to smaller airports

Private aircraft are often much smaller than commercial planes which means they are able to land at airports with smaller runways. This allows for a wider choice of airports when choosing your destination. These airports are able to accommodate the bespoke, personal service expected when flying privately. 

9. Covid -19 Safe

With the recent Covid-19 global pandemic the world is hesitating to fly. Flying privately helps to eliminate these worries. When flying commercially passengers are exposed to approximately 700 touch points compared to that of around 20 during Private Jet Travel.  The rules and regulations are ever changing so please discuss this with your travel advisor.



10. Efficient landing process

Private Jet travel offers luxury, efficiency, privacy and flexibility. To aid a smooth transition from air to ground, your flight crew will communicate with transportation and ground staff, who can be waiting for you as you land, ready to accommodate your every need. If you wish, they can even hand you your favourite refreshments as you disembark! Please let us know your requirements and we can work with your flight crew to meet all of your needs.