Empty Leg Flights

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Everything you need to know about booking your Empty Leg flight


What is an Empty Leg?

Empty leg flights create the opportunity for flexible travellers to fly privately at a fraction of the cost, in some cases up to 75% less than the usual charter costs.

How does it work?

There are tens of thousands of privately owned aircraft flying on a daily basis which are available to charter when they are not in use. As the term suggests, Empty Leg flights are scheduled flights without passengers. An aircraft may need to re-position back to its home airport with only the pilot(s) and crew on board – this is how an Empty Leg flight is created.

How to find an Empty Leg flight?

If you can be flexible about your travel, securing an Empty Leg service could provide the opportunity of a lifetime. Let Sandbanks Jets find out what is available and source an Empty Leg flight that will suit your requirements.

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